Whether this is your first visit to us, or you have been coming for many years, we hope you will find us a welcoming, all-age, gentle, vibrant, teaching, prayerful and Christ-centred church. 

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23rd - 25th June
6th June 2017
Craft Group
9:00am Wednesday 31 May, The Coffee Bar
Share craft skills and enjoy the company of other like-minded women
The Base
7:45pm Thursday 1 June, The Stables
20s and 30s group / 7.45pm

    8.00am Holy Communion


    9.15am Morning Service


    10.45am Family Service  


    4.00pm Evensong


   Sunday at 7 Evening Service

    7.30pm Thirsty
                 (2nd & 4th Fridays)

    More details here