"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes" Romans 1:16


1 Samuel


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The Lord is the true king
Adam Thrift, 28/06/2020
Jesus - the great high priest
Ben Thorndike, 28/06/2020
The Lord helps
Tim Hiorns, 21/06/2020
The Father's pleasure
Steve Rees, 21/06/2020
Jesus resembles his Father
Ian Roberts, 21/06/2020
The mighty God is welcomed back
Steve Rees, 14/06/2020
Jesus - Listen to His voice
Ben Thorndike, 14/06/2020
1 Samuel 4:
Mark Ashworth, 07/06/2020
Jesus is greater than Moses
Tim Hiorns, 07/06/2020
Hope 2020 advert.mp4
1 Samuel 3:1 - 4:1
Tim Hiorns, 31/05/2020
I will put my Spirit in you
Steve Rees, 31/05/2020
1 Samuel 2:11 - 3:1
Adam Thrift, 24/05/2020
Jesus - our trailblazing older brother
Tim Hiorns, 24/05/2020
A God who is able
Mark Ashworth, 17/05/2020
Jesus is superior to the angels
Ben Thorndike, 17/05/2020
A missionary example - John G. Paton
Steve Rees, 10/05/2020
World Mission Sunday
Adam Thrift, 10/05/2020
Isaiah 55:1-13
Paul Feesey, 03/05/2020
Hebrews 1:1-4
Steve Rees, 03/05/2020

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