What we believe

We believe that the Christian faith is good news
We believe that the heart of the Christian faith consists of good news, revealed in the Bible. Although all human beings have turned away from God and face his judgement, we can receive forgiveness, be brought back into relationship with God and enjoy the free gift of eternal life because of the sin-bearing death of the Lord Jesus Christ in our place upon the cross. Our greatest passion as a church is to reach out with this good news to the people of Crowborough and the world.

We believe that God speaks and works today through the Bible 
We are an evangelical church which believes that the Bible is the most exciting and powerful book in the world. We believe that the Bible is God's clear and reliable Word to us today; it is the supreme and final authority in all matters of faith and conduct. We believe that it is through the teaching of the Bible that the Holy Spirit brings  men and women into relationship with God, grows them in faith and holiness, and equips them for service. The Bible therefore lies at the centre of our church life.

We are an Anglican church
Although we welcome Christians from any denomination, we are committed to the historic teaching of the Church of England, as summarised in the thirty-nine Articles of Religion. We are also active members of the Sussex Gospel Partnership.

A summary of the message at the heart of Christianity can be found on the  Two Ways to Live website.

Our church mission statement is:

'Discover Jesus, Discover Life'