Whos who

Steve17Steve Rees - Vicar

Steve has been the Vicar of All Saints and St Richard's since February 2016.  He and Jenny have five children, a dog and a chicken.  In his spare time he loves being with his family, walking the dog, gardening and watching Wales play rugby.
Contact Steve at steve@allsaintscrowborough.org or on 01892 652081 ext 1001
Usual day off - Saturday

MA Jan 16

Mark Ashworth - Associate Vicar
& Priest in Charge Holy Trinity, High Hurstwood

Mark is our former Curate is now Associate Vicar of All Saints and also Priest in Charge of Holy Trinity, High Hurstwood.  An Essex boy who loves rugby, Mark met his Canadian wife Lorna while on missions in Jamaica. They have three energetic kids who enjoy sport and family movie nights, and have a dog called Brian.  Contact Mark at mark@allsaintscrowborough.org or on 01892 652081 ext 1002
Usual day off - Monday


Ben Thorndike smilingBen Thorndike - Associate Vicar & Minister of St Richard's

Ben is our Associate Vicar and Minister of St Richard's Church.  He previously worked as a secondary school teacher before going into full-time ministry.  Ben and Jane have three young children, so in his spare time Ben can be found playing Lego, Wii, puzzles or dolls – in any combination!
Contact Ben at ben@allsaintscrowborough.org or on 01892 652081 ext 1011 
Usual day off - Saturday

RD Jan 16

Rob Dillingham - Associate Curate and Minister to Men

Rob is our Associate Curate and Minister to Men.  He is also Deputy Director of Apostolic Life for the Diocese of Chichester supporting and training clergy throughout the Diocese.  Contact Rob at rob.dillingham@allsaintscrowborough.org or on 01892 660038
Usual day at All Saints - Sunday

manoutlineTim Hiorns - Curate

Tim is our new curate. He and Lucy have a young daughter, and love exploring the Ashdown Forest together. Tim claims he is still to reach his peak as a no-nonsense central defender.  Contact Tim at tim@allsaintscrowborough.org
Usual day off - Friday

Adam Thrift 2017
Adam Thrift - Minister to Children, Youth and Families

Adam is our new Minister to Children, Youth and Families at All Saints and is married to Sarah.  He loves seeing children's and young people's lives transformed by the Gospel and training others in youth ministry. Having moved here from Cornwall, Adam loves swimming in the Atlantic, Cornish ice cream and pasties, films and reading.
Contact Adam at adam@allsaintscrowborough.org or on 01892 652081 ext 1003
Usual day off - Saturday

CA Jan 16Catherine Allen - Director of Music

Catherine worked as a freelance musician before living in Korea for ten years.  She enjoys playing the trombone, singing, the outdoors, coffee and chocolate.
Contact Catherine at catherine.allen@allsaintscrowborough.org or on 01892 652081 ext 1004
Usual day off - Monday

manoutlineAdrian Bailey - Director of Ministry

Adrian is our Director of Ministry, leading the operational side of the church.  
Contact Adrian at adrian@allsaintscrowborough.org or at the Church Office on 01892 652081 ext 1007 


RW Jan 16

Ros Wilkes - Office Manager

Ros is our Office Manager.  She and Andy have two almost grown-up children who still enjoy spending time with their parents.  She likes dancing, singing badly, making cards, reading, history and Dr Who.  
Contact Ros at office@allsaintscrowborough.org or at the Church Office on 01892 652081 ext 1006


SH Jan 16

Suzanne Hall - PA to Steve Rees

Suzanne is PA to Steve Rees and works 9am -2.30pm each day except Wednesday. She and Peter have two children.  She enjoys singing and is a member of a local choir.  She likes a good book, a sweeping view and live music! 

She can be contacted at suzanne.hall@allsaintscrowborough.org or at the Church office on 01892 652081 ext 1005

GS Jan 16Greg Summers - Facilities Manager

Greg and Fay have three grown up children.  He is responsible for ensuring that the church buildings are prepared for any event and he also officiates at weddings and funerals.
Contact Greg on 07787 148871 or 01892 652081 ext 1008
Usual day off - Wednesday morning and all day Thursday


Nate Longstaff 2017

Nate Longstaff - Ministry Associate

Nate is from London and loves Jesus and people.  He also loves music, food and quality time outdoors.  He says "I'm wanting to change the world but I need help!"
Contact Nate at nate@allsaintscrowborough.org or at the Church Office on 01892 652081




Harry Thrift - Ministry Associate

Harry is from Maidenhead and loves helping kids get to know God better. He is a massive pro wrestling fan and also loves a good game of football. Contact Harry at harry@allsaintscrowborough.org


Jenny Rees 2017Jenny Rees - Minister to Women

Jenny is our volunteer Minister to Women.  A part-time teacher she enjoys dog walking, live music, supporting Arsenal Football Club and discovering new coffee shops.  She loves encouraging others to encounter the Lord Jesus in a life-changing way through God's Word. Having five children and being married to the Vicar brings fun, chaos and keeps her on her toes!
Contact Jenny at jennyrees29@gmail.com or on 07946 096711 

Sarah2017Sarah Thrift - Associate Minister to Children, Youth & Families

Sarah is married to Adam and they have both worked in ministry with children and young people for over 10 years, separately and then together.  She works part-time at All Saints with a focus on developing ministry to those with special educational needs.  She is also working with the SEND team at Sir Henry Fermor School and editing children's Bible study material.  When she is not working, she loves walking, Cornish beaches and Welsh rugby.
Contact Sarah at juniorchurch@allsaintscrowborough.org or on 07731 531891 

CharlotteCharlotte Grimwade - Pastoral Co-ordinator

Charlotte is our Pastoral Co-ordinator and was formerly a teacher.  She is married to Nigel and they have two grown-up sons.  She enjoys coffee and chats, sewing tapestries and visiting local places of interest.
Contact Charlotte at cgrimwade@hotmail.co.uk or on 01892 784248


856867aBertie Pearce - Churchwarden

Bertie is one of our two Churchwardens.  Well known as a professional magician, entertainer and lecturer, Bertie has lived in Crowborough all his life.  He and Philippa have two young children.
Bertie can be contacted at info@bertiepearce.com or on 08192 652359

Nigel Grimwade 2017

Nigel Grimwade - Churchwarden

Nigel was elected as Churchwarden in 2017.  Having retired from lecturing at a London University he still teaches part-time.  He is married to Charlotte and they have two adult sons. He enjoys walking, watching football, following current affairs, reading and writing, playing the piano, listening to music and occasional travel.
Nigel can be contacted at grimwans@gmail.com or on 01892 784248


JB Apr 16Jane Brackpool - Safeguarding Officer

Jane is our Safeguarding Officer.
You can contact her at safeguarding@allsaintscrowborough.org