Home Groups

We all need a place to belong, but in a big church like All Saints it’s easy to get lost or coast along in the crowd. To live for God when times are hard and when times are easy we each need a group of people whom we can trust.  People who will watch out for us, remind us of God’s word and help us to go on living for Jesus Christ, so that we do not drift away. Home Groups are here to provide this and we aim to make it possible for everyone to belong.

Home Groups at All Saints and St Richard’s come in different shapes and sizes, and we will do our best to find one that suits you. Most meet fortnightly, except during August and the Christmas period, and usually alternate with the church prayer meetings. A smaller number meet weekly. All are centred on Bible study, prayer and fellowship. A list of current groups and times is posted on the Home Group notice-board at the back of All Saints.

To find out more or to join a group contact the Adam Thrift on 652081 ext 1003 or adam@allsaintscrowborough.org