"I am the vine; you are the branches.  If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing."
John 15:5-6

Fruitful Followers

The Greatest Prayer John 17

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The Greatest Prayer: God's Glory
Steve Rees, 20/03/2023
A mother's comfort
Adam Thrift, 20/03/2023
A mother's comfort
Ian Roberts, 19/03/2023
Behold Your God: He strengthens the weary
Steven Burns, 12/03/2023
Fruitful followers - The fruit of generosity
Pete Winstone, 12/03/2023
Behold Your God: He has no equals
Pete Winstone, 05/03/2023
Fruitful followers - The fruit of care for those in need
Adam Thrift, 05/03/2023
Behold Your God - He speaks tenderly
Pete Winstone, 26/02/2023
Fruitful followers - The fruit of service
Nick Ashton, 26/02/2023
Sorrow and joy
Paul Feesey, 21/02/2023
Standing Strong - Going the distance
Steve Rees, 19/02/2023
Standing Strong - Going the distance
David Buck, 19/02/2023
How can I trust the Bible?
Nick Ashton, 12/02/2023
Standing strong - Know the enemy
Adam Thrift, 12/02/2023
How does the Holy Spirit help?
Adam Thrift, 05/02/2023
Standing strong - the fight is on
Steve Rees, 05/02/2023
How can I cope when I'm hated? [ end of recording missing ]
Pete Winstone, 29/01/2023
Fruitful followers - Holiness
Nick Ashton, 29/01/2023
How can my joy be complete?
Nick Ashton, 23/01/2023
Fruitful followers - Holiness
Steve Rees, 22/01/2023

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